Daxing West Park 大兴首开万科公园

Beijing 北京

The Daxing West Park forms the 400m long slender endpiece of BAM's park design in Daxing. The West Park is directly accessible from two low rise mixed-use buildings, with cafes and retail opening directly onto the park at the B1 level. BAM continues the 'cloud' idea into this zone in the overall plan organization, locating a series of programs in cloud like bubbles in the park plan. The park zone is surrounded by a cloud shaped fitness path in blue.

A series of 3-dimensional landscape elements draw vistors down the length of the park. From the East entrance a fancy stair leads visitors to a deep spiral bowl and tall spiral mound. The spiral paths are organized with a drainage runnel that channels runoff to a collection tank at the base of the spiral which is used for irrigation purposes. The top of the mound is capped with a hexagonal pavillion roof set low, framing views of the park from the high lookout point.

Further along one finds two bamboo trellis macaroni shapes. These are split by a high-contrast striped path similar to the Daxing East Park entrance split mounds. Here the bamboo frames are nascent, waiting for the climbing vines to cover them.

The next stop is the soccer stadium. The stadium is set within a mound landform, and one enters the stadium by stepping down about a meter below the surroundings. Its a mini soccer field with benches for spectators, and if you are alone you can enjoy playing off the retaining walls. The stadium is covered with a net structure using a lightweight tension structure.

A sunken plaza featuring a wrapping geometric pattern is planted with a grove of multitrunk Mongolian Oaks. The plaza is a dancing and socializing zone and children enjoy riding bikes or skating around the inclined edges.

The playground forms the last station of the park. BAM structured the playground with a traditional Chinese corridor element but reinterpreted it with a flowing fabric material for the roof. The corridor splits playground into two zones, one side for adults and one side for the children. The piece de resistance of the children's side is a kaliedescope spinner. Here BAM designs a large mirrored kaliedescope over a special spinner. WHen spinning and looking up into the kaliedescope visitors will see themselves mulitplied into a dizzying array of spinning images.

The Daxing West Park is nearly completed, we expect the official opening of the entire Daxing Park zone to occur Spring 2019. Stay Tuned!!!

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