Come on down to the intersection of the Xu Hui, Changning, and Jingan districts. It's here you'll find the newest BAM studio hard at work making Ballistic goodies, and possibly catch a glimpse of Shorty the Shanghai studio dog. Alt text BAM Shanghai started as a pile of rubble. We found a space that took a bit of work. Alt text After clearing out the space BAM got to work developing furniture designs, sending them off to CNC mills to cut from plywood and masonite, and assembling them in the new space. Alt text The real secret ingredient of any BAM office is the green floor. As the builders install the final square meter of astroturf the office suddenly is transformed from a mundane office into a Ballistic Studio. Alt text Finally we moved into the space in April 2019. Alt text The office filled up in no time with clients coming over to check out their projects. Alt text BAM studios are intended to be roughed up, broken in, and used like a studio. Here the team is testing out a naturalistic planting pattern basesd on wind dispersion. Alt text We still keep connected with Beijing doing pin-ups and reviews with the ever handy wechat calls.
Alt text Sometimes you gotta get a crew working on one drawing to get that studio vibe. Alt text We have some special guest visitors like Juicy beagle, the art ambassador from Art Labor. Alt text Shanghai and Beijing both crack out the physical models to study key spaces. Alt text Gotta keep those shelves organized and teach ayi the name of every tool... Alt text Shorty Chakraborty is not overly fond of time in the studio but if you are lucky you may find him there taking care of deliveries.