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BAM Ballistic Architecture Machine Intro Video

Ballistic Architecture Machine

Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM) is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Beijing and New York. Founded in 2007 the studio has built projects from ARCHITECTURE to LANDSCAPES to STAGE SETS around the world. BAM's studio has a background in ART and CRAFTSMANSHIP and integrates these skill sets into all phases of the design process.

BAM's Beijing studio is focused on becoming the best landscape design studio in China. While the fields of architecture, art, and engineering receive an enormous amount of attention from designers and clients in China, BAM believes the urban landscape is not only more important but also largely un-designed. BAM focuses on all the spaces outside of architecture to create exciting public spaces that integrate the idea of nature deep into our cities. We are excited to work in this extremely challenging but highly rewarding realm, and believe that our projects are truly improving the lives of the millions of people using these spaces.

Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM) 是一家位于北京和纽约的综合领域的设计工作室。工作室成立于2007年,至今已经在世界各地完成了从建筑到景观甚至到舞台装置等不同类型的项目。 BAM工作室具有深厚的艺术和技艺背景,而且不断的将这些能力综合运用到项目设计中的各个阶段。

BAM北京工作室致力于成为中国最好的景观设计工作室。在中国,建筑、艺术和工程领域受到了设计师和客户的极大关注,但BAM认为城市景观是更重要的,不仅于此,城市景观在很大程度上是缺乏设计的。 BAM专注于建筑之外的所有空间,去创造令人兴奋的公共空间,从而将自然的概念深深的融入我们的城市中。 我们很高兴能在这个极具挑战也极具收获的领域工作,相信我们的项目也在真正的改善数百万使用这些空间的人们的生活。

BAM Ballistic Architecture Machine

  • Daniel Anthony Gass

    Daniel Anthony Gass, AIA
    BAM Founding Partner

    Daniel Anthony Gass became interested in architecture as a child when his father brought him on visits to museum and stadium building sites. Daniel attended the architecture school at Cornell University for BArch and MArch, obtaining the Merril Presidential Scholar Award. At Cornell Daniel founded a controversial publication within the Architecture and Art Schools, Tabula Casa, for which he and BAM’s future co-founders were nearly expelled. Following school Daniel worked as an intern architect and an academic lecturer until obtaining the architecture license. With the co-founders of BAM Daniel worked in the landscape office of Martha Schwartz, where the trio began to define their professional agenda. After moving to China in 2009, BAM began forging its own path as a design office including art installations, stage sets, architecture, and landscapes. Daniel is currently writing a book which analyzes visual design in the history of landscape.

  • Allison Nacneil Dailey

    Allison Macneil Dailey
    BAM Founding Partner

    Allison MacNeil Dailey holds degrees in landscape architecture, architecture, and fine art. She has collaborated with landscape architect Martha Schwartz on installations at the Reykjavik Museum of Art, the Broelmuseum for the Belgian Garden Festival, and in Sydney, Australia on an invited competition against Yayoi Kusama, Pipilotti Rist, and Jenny Holzer. Allison graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Architecture and Harvard University GSD with a Master of Landscape Architecture. At Harvard she taught a seminar called DoodleTech, exploring intuitive‒analytical thought as expressed through doodles, resulting in visceral spatial and material propositions. BAM implements this technique in practice, L’Idiot being the seminal project. In 2014, Allison co-taught the landscape architecture studio “Save Chaotianmen” at the University of Toronto, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design. The studio explored ecological solutions for a hyper-cultural site along the Yangtze River at risk of development and flooding.

  • Jacb Schwartz Walker

    Jacob Schwartz Walker
    BAM Founding Partner

    Jacob Schwartz Walker, co-founder of Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM), is a designer with a focus on the urban landscape in China.  Originally trained as an architect at Cornell, Jake believes that architecture is only one of many tools in service of the greater landscape idea, and that landscape is the field and realm which requires the most design attention as cities all around the world densify and grow into mega-metropolises.  At BAM Jake spearheads many of the BAM urban initiatives such as the redesign of the Guomao intersection in Beijing, and 'Save Chaotianmen' a studio focused on Chongqing's most iconic and historic urban condition at University of Toronto, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design.  Aside from large scale urban issues Jake also excels at architectural projects, exemplified in the sculptural elegance of the Titan, a 400 meter long pedestrian bridge and 100 meter tall monument for Nanjing' s new CBD.

  • Guan Jingwen

    Guan Jingwen
    BAM Partner

    Guan Jingwen is the first employee to be made partner since the original three founding members of BAM established the company in 2007. Jingwen is an extremely talented and much welcome addition to the BAM partnership structure. Jingwen excelled in her landscape Master’s program at Peiking University and started at BAM as an entry level designer. She quickly rose through the ranks to her position as the business director for China and the leader of the Beijing office. Jingwen’s combination of sharp negotiating skills with a sensitive political touch combined with unwavering dedication to the highest quality of design work has propelled BAM forward as the best landscape architecture firm in China. BAM’s continued success in China is as much due to Jingwen’s tenacious drive as it is due unique work produced by the office. Jingwen handles BAM’s promotional work and first client contact on most incoming projects. She is a great teacher to the designers and managers of BAM’s team and leads with power and grace.