Permanent Art

BAM builds large-scale art installations for museums and patrons around the world. A mirror of humanity, art expresses highly personal ideas while exploring materiality at a human scale. In questioning social, cultural, and political constructs, art makes it possible for people to think about and engage their surroundings. BAM believes that in the context of our built environment, artistic conceptualization stimulates a sense of identity and place. As digitally produced work reaches an aesthetic pinnacle of smoothness and perfection, computer design is limited by underdeveloped and impersonal ideas. More than ever, BAM finds it vital to express our thoughts and opinions through a series of ballistic detonations.



  • Bam_ballistic_architecture_machine_rain_ring10

    Rain Ring

    Located in Tiexi Plaza, the centerpiece of the 'West of the Rails' district in the industrial heart of modern China: Shenyang.


    雨环是采用5mm 的304不锈钢的精心制作,是我们最优质的中国施工项目之一。总重量为36吨,包括不 锈钢外壳内的钢管结构。

  • 3_museum_160x1602

    Shenyang, China

    A diaphanous, crystally form hangs in the atrium of one lucky China mall. Programmed lights inside the sculpture turn what appears to be a sparkly starry night above, into a psychedelic vista.


  • Bam_cloud_2_160x160

    South of the Clouds

    BAM's second waffle structure based on the idea of a cloud. The piece creates a gateway for a housing and mixed use development in Kunming, China. The minty colors are a fresh reminders of the cool high altitude air of the 'Spring City.' The province's name, Yunan, translates literally to 'South of the Clouds.'


    《云南通志》载:“汉武年间,彩云见于南中,谴吏迹之,云南之名始于此。”故云南也被称作“ 彩云之南” 。BAM所设计的艺术装置是位于云南的昆明中航展示区,因此有了“云”的创意, 为了使云在空中,我们做成了“云树”。

  • Img_0003_r

    The Droplet Chandelier
    Wujin 武进区

    A 7 meter long chandelier made from steel and acrylic hangs in the focal space of Wujin's Planning Exhibition Center. The design of the chandelier was done in collaboration with Studio 505. Photos taken by Ken Jiang.

  • Bam_technoflora_2_kiss_and_make_up10

    Technoflora 2.0: Kiss and Make Up
    Xiamen 厦门

    BAM develops the spinning suspended installation idea from our Hong Kong Landmark project into a permanent piece which includes lighting within the central spindle. Stay tuned for a video of these by Nathaniel McMahon.

  • X_string3

    String Theory Redux

    The initial concept is linked to String Theory v1, a project Jake Walker undertook in the entrance of Cornell University’s Tjaden Hall and which shut down the school for a day due to a violation of fire code.



  • Bam_ballistic_architecture_machine_cloud_1b

    The Vanke Cloud
    Chongqing, China

    The Vanke Cloud Structure was a demonstration of the superhuman speed at which projects can happen in China (largely due to the professionalism of the client.) Taking under three months from first design workshop to complete construction, the BAM team worked against all odds to complete the project, including a landslide that delayed the shipment of pieces in transport through central China for five days.

  • Bam_intercontinental_hong_kong_table4

    InterContinental 'Whale Table'
    Hong Kong

    A 2000kg solid wood table walking itself apart on teeny tiny little stiletto heels. A.K.A. "The Walking Table" A.K.A. "Amoeba Table". This one-of-a-kind table was designed and built by BAM for the Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong. The table is crafted from burl poplar wood with rosewood inlays.



  • Bam_ballistic_architecture_machine_carstands_02b

    Clamshell Carstands

    The Clamshell Car Stands, AKA the Bionic Bivalves... impeccably crafted over the summer of 2011 in BAM's very own shop by BAM's very own hands.



  • Chifley9

    Nature Pixels
    Sydney 悉尼

    A forest in the city! Like the leaves of trees, green fans whirl as wind changes course...