Garden Game

Broelmuseum, Kortrijk

At the 2009 Secret Gardens Festival in Kortrijk, Belgium, we experiment with how to make a garden by not being there to make it. Instructions for how to play "Garden Game" are emailed to Belgium, where a game of dice is played by dancers in the backyard of Broelmuseum. Rolling dice determines the layout of hedge walls. Dancers (Passerelle) locate 35 planting beds using dice, dials, string, and stakes. Garden builders (Tuinarchitectuur-Tuinaanleg) prepare and plant the beds with either leylandii, fagus, or bamboo. "Garden Game" is documented by Belgian video artist Koen Moerman. "The Chaotic Rise and Fall of the White Masked Man and Other Common Acts" is a video installation exhibited at the Broelmuseum, which views the garden as a stage for living.



在比利时科特赖克的秘密花园节,BAM设计了一个花园,而不是在那里。如何玩“花园游戏”的说明通过 电子邮件发送给比利时。由舞者扮演的游戏决定了绿色墙壁的布局。舞者使用骰子,表盘,绳子和木桩找 到35个种植床。床上种植了兰,水,或竹子。 “白色蒙面人与其他共同行为的混乱起伏”是视频艺术, 将花园视为生活的舞台。联合艺术家 Martha Schwarz。