Pingyao, famous for its preserved old city, filled with well kept traditional gardens, shrines, and temples, is exemplary of chinese ideas about the division between public and private space and the resulting utilization of the wall archetype. Inside the walls, pristine, maintained, picturesque nature & structures carefully constructed to optimize harmony found in traditional beliefs. Outside the walls, squalor and pollution abound in the streets. A gesture of beauty in the streets, temporarily reverses this ingrained dichotomy. A square of flowers were placed in the center of the main intersection of the old city. As the residents crowded around, unsure of the meaning, the commotion caused a traffic jam which unwittingly clogged the entire city. This installation revealed underlying psychologies and cultural ideas about public space, that something which required so much care and maintenance to uphold its beauty, such as a flower, is only appropriate inside, away from the public realm. This must change.

艺术装置 平遥花