SAM, the Lantern Installation


That's right kids, BAM has made another suspension installation! Check out this whopping stack of 497 lanterns. Those lanterns gradually grow from the top to the bottom, creating a funicular shape. Yes, you're right, funicular shapes have great structural properties! Good work BAM!!! And that slight twist, which creates a double rotation effect when viewed in plan? That's the Fibbonaci sequence at work! Each rotation is based on the magical mathematic sequence that works on sunflowers and rabbit procreation! Amazing!!! The whole thing is over 16 meters tall and 11 meters wide. And its all suspended from a single hoist!!! Stay tuned to see what BAM cooks up next!

SAM 灯笼装置


没错,BAM又做了一个悬吊装置!看一下这个由497个灯笼构成的大家伙吧。这些灯笼由上至下逐渐增多,形成悬浮状。没错,悬浮状凸显出很强的结构性。干的漂亮,BAM!!! 轻微扭曲,当你从详图视角看时,会出现一种再次旋转的效果。这是斐波那契顺序在作品中的体现!每组旋转都是基于神奇的太阳花和兔子繁育系统的数学顺序!真美妙!!! 整个装置高16米多,宽11米,仅通过单一的葫芦悬吊!!! 锁定调频,看BAM接下来为您准备了什么大餐!