Rain Ring


Beautifully crafted out of 5mm 316 stainless steel, the Rain Ring is one of our highest quality China constructions. Total weight is 36 tons including a tube steel structure within the stainless shell. Nested within the sculpture's rings is a dry fountain with a reflection pool program for the months of warm summer weather.

The design is intended to create a monument to the future of this former steel district, a showcase to the beauty of the metal, and a safe and fun public space. The rings form a semi-enclosed space within the massive public square and intersection, creating much enjoyed island within the bustle of the square. Reflections in the mirror-polished stainless steel are warped between large flat vertices and soft filleted corners. The design idea is to accelerate Sarrinen's arch to bring the incredible structural qualities of the steel to the fore, and to also make it fantastically shiny for a society that seems to revere above all else futuristic shiny things.