South of the Clouds


This art installation is set in the capital of Yunan, a province which translated directly as “south of the clouds.” Based on our first Cloud 1.0 waffle structure sculpture we developed a new geometric organization based on the accumulation of spherical volumes into a cloud-like assembly. Through the digital model and the physical models, we studied the cloud gate to achieve an object-like geometry from an elevation that disintegrates as you look into the oblique angle of the waffle. The front and side elevations read as abstract variations of the traditional Chinese cloud pattern.

Photographs by Nathaniel McMahon.



《云南通志》载:“汉武年间,彩云见于南中,谴吏迹之,云南之名始于此。”故云南也被称作“ 彩云之南” 。BAM所设计的艺术装置是位于云南的昆明中航展示区,因此有了“云”的创意, 为了使云在空中,我们做成了“云树”。 通过电子模型和手工模型的方式,我们尝试云树的不同形状,用大小不一的球体相互穿插成云的 形态,然后以华夫的结构方式将一个个单元片穿插成形。 考虑到云南四季如春,阳光是非常重要的元素,可以很好的利用阴影的变换,因此我们将单元片 的组合逐步细化,运用交错的圆环,最后形成会呼吸的有空间感的云。 从立面上看装置由层叠的圆环组成,整体构成云的形态,同时平面上依然形成云的轮廓。

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