Photo by Nathaniel McMahon

Technoflora 2.0: Kiss and Make Up


A development of BAM’s spin flowers, the rotating Technoflora are significantly larger and more complex than their predecessors. Radial shaped strips create a curvaceous volume which is colorfully illuminated from within.The negative space which can be read outside of the Technoflora shape reveals two profiles of human heads looking at each other. In one view, the pair is shouting. As the Technoflora rotates 180 degrees away from the viewer, the profiles transform to kiss. The shouting-kissing dynamic repeats in perpetuity.



来自BAM的旋转花的设计,Technoflora的旋转形式比之前的旋转花要大得多,且更为复杂。 径向的肋条 创造出内部发光的曲线形态。 随着3个部分的旋转,物体之间的负空间变得更加显著,慢慢地渗透着,因为曲线的形态似乎正试图亲吻着彼此。