A marble table is set as the central element within two rows of Chinese ash. The trees are tightly fit into the wooden deck, which doubles as a seating edge around the table.

CRland Life Sciences Campus


The site is located within the Beijing Daxing District Biomedical Industry Base. The site functions as a campus with research and development facilities in three large low rise buildings. The architectural common programs are organized around a sunken plaza which includes a meeting center and the cafeteria. BAM was invited to design the campus landscape.

The landscape design organizes a network of campus pathways which cross the space of the campus as in a classic quadrangle, except in three dimensions. Paths cross elevated bridges and sunken plazas creating a multilevel campus landscape. To encourage use of the campus spaces the landscape features a variety of seating and meeting zones.

The planting design idea is to create a seasonal medicinal garden which runs the east west length of the campus along a primary covered corridor. The garden space features medicinal plants with a focus on traditional Chinese medicine. In the medicinal garden researchers are invited to sit at intimate seating areas with granite benches. The largest communal space of the landscape is positioned outside of the cafeteria and meeting center. Here a 12m long water table is centered within a double row of Chinese ash.






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