MAHA Beijing


Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM) worked closely together with renowned hotelier Adrian Zecha, and the MAHA team to design the landscape and develop a multiphase masterplan strategy which seamlessly weaves a complex mixture of contemporary and classically styled elements pre-existing on the site.

The site occupies the northern edge of Chaoyang Park inside the Fourth Ring Road. At the time of engaging BAM, the site architecture was a mixture of four occupied residential towers, five unoccupied towers, a club and multiple Classical Chinese and Roman gatehouses in varying states of functionality. The existing landscape was also a smorgasbord of functional and dysfunctional spaces including a scaled replica of an imperial garden and a beautifully maturing manmade forest.

BAM’s design for the landscape and masterplan weave disparate aspects of the site together into a seamless series of gardens, functional spaces, and circulatory pathways. The existing landscape spaces are blended with new landscapes. Conflicting styles, time periods, and cultural references are smoothed out with BAM’s Minimalist landscape approach.

Luxury in the landscape is measured in time. Unlike architectural fields which depend upon rare or expensive materials to express luxury, the landscape can only truly achieve luxurious expression measured in years or decades. BAM’s idea for the landscape is to establish a grander sense of time, to plant the foundations of a landscape that will grow and continue to mature for generations.



在BAM百安木与安缦酒店创始人Adrian Zecha密切合作基础上,设计团队对缦园进行景观设计与总体规划分期策略制定,实现了现代与古典元素在场地中的完美融合。