Dengyun Ecological Park Landscape Planning

Fuzhou City

The site is within a mountain valley and extends as a ‘green finger’ to touch the innermost part of Fuzhou city. The entire site is the immediate watershed of the Dengyun Reservoir, which sits just below the planning site area. The site was previously developed as a golf course however at the time of BAM’s site visits the golf course had been completely overgrown.

The developer was granted permission to construct residential plots within the planning zone and invited BAM to create an ecologically focused landscape planning design to lead the development process. BAM’s design work built up from the existing and historical watercourses within the site, the continuity of which had been partially destroyed with the construction of a massive swathe of buried utilities constructed by the city. BAM’s watershed rehabilitation strategy formed the framework of the planning effort and creates a landscape water network which will become the highlight of the central park area.

The planning integrates survey information from 3D site scans and in-person site visits to preserve and protect all mature trees and cultural relics within the zone, including an 800 year old stone bridge. At the same time BAM develops the grading plan of the central park to absorb all the soil removed for the government utility swathe and all to be removed from the residential architectural excavations. As a last step BAM developed a material and planting strategy in line with the client’s budget requirements.

The client invited BAM to continue the design process by developing the central ecological park zone of the central park through construction.