Time Valley


The project is located in the watch and clock base in Guangming new district in Shenzhen. The site is planned as an industrial area for watch and clock manufacturing. We start the story of time with today and go through the history of time. The source of the idea is “The Big Bang” along the tracks of time. From 'space time' to 'human time' to 'computer time'. The south of the site is designed with the idea of 'human time'. The 'space time' is the idea of the space yard in the central zone. The roof garden is inspired by a multidimensional space fantasy model.



项目坐落于深圳市光明新区钟表基地,是以钟表制造业为特色的新型产业用地。 我们要讲述的有关时间的故事始于“当下”穿越了整个时间发展的历史。设计概念源自“大爆炸”随着时间的足迹展示宇宙时空,人类时间到现在的数码时间。地块南侧临街面以人类时间为主题,着重强调展示区的钟表概念;中央则是以大爆炸为主题的时空庭院。屋顶花园以多维空间幻想模型为灵感来源。