Vanke Taihu Phase 1


The site is in a suburban district of Beijing planned as a new town around a high speed rail station on the Beijing South-Tianjin Line. BAM was invited in to the architectural planning process and worked closely with client to develop an initial landscape planning concept for 11 of the plots, and then contracted for landscape design of the 6 key plots. Plots 020 and 032 are constructed according to the original design vision of the project.

After negotiating changes in project equity the client re-hired BAM and the architecture teams to redesign the remaining four plots as office-based blocks. The remaining four plots are constructed by a separate builder and supervised by a separate management team within the client.

万科台湖 1


该场地位于北京郊区,规划为京津南线高铁站的周边新城。BAM受邀参与建筑规划过程,我们与客户密切合作,为其中11个地块制定了景观规划的初步概念,并深化其中6个关键地块的景观设计。 020和032地块是根据项目的原始设计愿景建造的。


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